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Adventure Activities 

Tired of living monotonous city life? Want to get away from your busy schedule? Why not try us! Our adventure activities will give you the adrenaline rush so that your chain of tediousness is fixed. Come with friends and family and try our adventure activities to refresh yourself. 

Outdoor Activities

At Mahi Watergate resort we host outdoor activities like cricket, badminton, and volleyball. We have an automatic machine for playing cricket as well. Try our new way of outdoor games in our lush and huge resort and relive your childhood memories with us. Mahi WaterGate Resort has badminton and volleyball courts; and cricket mat and bowling machine 

Indoor activities 

Want to recollect your memories of playing indoor games from your childhood? Want to play them with your family and friends to rejoice the feeling from your past? Why not give us a chance to make you relive them! We at Mahi Watergate resort have many indoor games like carrom, uno, chess, monopoly, and Jenga. Come and relive your childhood while playing these games with us. 

In-lay activities 

Ever fantasized about playing in human games like human chess, human ludo or human snake and ladder? We at Mahi Watergate resort have these In-lay games for you and your family or friends. Come and enjoy playing these In-lay games and get yourself a new thing to try and enjoy! 

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