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Planning a pre-wedding photo shoot is a daunting task. We know. If the place has natural beauty, it will not have arrangements for stay and dining. Plus you travel with a team of photographers! You have to change in and out of different attires and take numerous takes and by the end you are tired. This is how it usually happens. Not with us though! We have a gorgeous riverside view and natural beauty that goes with it. Apart from that, we have a place for the whole team to relax and a proper couple’s changing room that can be securely locked. Get in touch with us a day in advance and we can include all of your special requirements as well.

Mahi WaterGate Resort

Near Gambhira Bridge,

Padra Borsad Highway,

Padra - 391440, Gujarat, India


Events inquiries:

Tel: (+91) 8980013010


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