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Places to visit near Vadodara after the LOCKDOWN opens

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Vadodara the city known for its culture and heritage. The archaeological buildings and a well-planned city with the four gates known as 'Char Darwaza'. Gaekwad's rule had a great king Shri Sayajirao Gaekwad who is proud of this city and has given numerous boons to map this city on the map of not only India but on the globe. Tourists get fascinated with the paintings in Royal Musem to the Whale skeleton the archeological museum. It is the people of Vadodara that make this city a more interesting place to come and visit. Being a city of big employers like ONGC, Refinery, GSFC, IOCL, EME, Navy, and so on brings people from different states to come and stay in Vadodara. These expatriates from different cities eventually decide to settle in Vadodara getting lured by the comfort Vadodara offers them.

As a tourist what can one expect from this city? Like every other city, it has its charm of museums, buildings, zoo, traditional market, certain landmarks, food joints, and few nearby located picnic spots.

Mahi Watergate Resort is perfect for a tourist to relax and rejuvenate with nature. This place also offers adventure rides, water sports, and pleasant living comfort. Equipped with all the five-star property amenities making the guest feel home away from home. The location is also not far from Vadodara city, it is at a distance of less than 30 km from the Airport or Railway station. The road to this resort is also scenic with curves and the wavy path makes the drive more exciting and enthralling.

You can stay at Mahi Watergate Resort located in Padra and offers a number of amenities for a memorable stay. This resort has the uniqueness of place away from city yet in the city that makes it a preferred location for people who want to live in peace of nature yet keep exploring the city.

So, next time you are planning a day out or a picnic post this lockdown to unwind from the domesticated life keep this resort on the list and you will surely be delighted. Post lockdown the fear of getting infected may not ware away soon and you will not want to go far places to take risks. Book yourself with us and enjoy your break and let your hair down to explore the resort.

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