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Ways to make your Valentine’s Day special in Vadodara

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

February brings along fun & celebration times. Be it valentine's week or valentine's day - the week from 8 Feb to 14 Feb is full of affection & love. Positivity of emotions at its peak. How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? If you are in Vadodara, let’s look at ways you can make your Valentine’s Day special. This year it is furthermore remarkable as it has come on a Sunday! You have a full day to make it a more memorable & fun-filled day. While you are in Vadodara below are a few activities or places you can explore this Valentine’s Day.

- Heritage is at the heart of Vadodara city. Heritage lover can make their love story at these historical places. You can wander through the day at these locations and book a quite place to have a candlelight dinner. Explore these places and make you Valentine feel like a King or Queen. You can explore Champaner, Jambugodha, The Lakshmi Vilas Palace and more.

- The riverbank of the Mahi River has always been a favourite spot for those on the lookout for peace and tranquillity. The clean waters & Mahi Watergate resort by the shore makes a perfect place for a romantic evening after a long drive. In the lap of nature away from the rustle of the city. You can book a day at the resort take long drives around, chill in the waters & nature, breathe life through the moments and end the day with a candlelight dinner. We also offer a comfortable stay in our cottages!

- Gardens in the city are another avenue you can explore, with a relaxing walk in nature and spending time with each other in the cool breeze. Kamathi Garden is a favourable garden in the city to feel your soul with your soul mate.

How are you celebrating your Valentine’s Day this year? If you want to take the long drive and have a candlelight dinner by the river shore, book us today and we will make your Valentine Day a remarkably memorable one.

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