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Unique resort near Vadodara - Mahi Watergate Resort

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Everyone loves a getaway once in a while, a lovely day with family and friends in a place far from the city. Celebrating an event at a resort is always fun and it lets the visitors enjoy the event.

The resort is located at a secluded place just outside the city of Vadodara. The visitors can enjoy a peaceful time along with some fun activity.

Why Mahi WaterGate Resort?

The competition among resorts results in unique offers and options given by different resorts. One such unique and luxurious resort near Vadodara is Mahi WaterGate Resort, which gives people an experience of a lifetime. The features of the resort are:

  • Perfect event space

  • Perfect location

  • Contemporary decor

  • Superb cuisine

The resort is a perfect getaway for the Barodians and several activities can be done by people. Mahi WaterGate Resort has adventure activities, pleasant living, water rides, and an adventure zone.

Event one can celebrate at Mahi WaterGate Resort:

Personal events: At Mahi WaterGate resort, one can organize, celebrate personal events with specific groups like friends, family, colleagues, etc. The event is organized according to the wishes of the concerned host organizing the event. The event is given the required privacy as needed.

Special events: The resort is capable of celebrating special events like Birthday [arties, anniversaries, reunions, and other such events. The resort does all kinds of creative and innovative stuff to make the event more enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Themes parties: Mahi WaterGate resort also organizes theme parties and events on request. Theme parties or events are carried out by having activities, food, games, dresses, decor, etc of a particular theme.

Wedding events: This has become a trend now. Weddings in a resort far from the city is a beautiful thing. The resort can be utilized for wedding events, receptions, and small wedding parties too.

Corporate events: Organizations and firms like to organize their annual meets or conferences in a resort for their delegations. It is always fun to combine work with some leisure and activities. The resort creates a perfect atmosphere for conducting business engagements.

Mahi WaterGate Resort is a completely perfect getaway resort for friends, families, firms, and other groups. The resort is located far away from the city, near Gambhira Road, Padra Borsad Highway, Padra. One has the chance of spending some time away from the city, giving the much-needed break along with fun activities.

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