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Perfect Get-Away For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

They say you only get married once so why not make it memorable? A new suave trend in the market, something that exists in every couple’s bucket list - pre-wedding photography has become part of every couple’s pre-wedding program. Gone are the days of marriage at a lavish feast with your family. New couples choose a local wedding and come up with their own set of rituals, functions, and activities. So, to make your wedding memorable, get the best pre-wedding photoshoot made in the romantic and unique pre-wedding venue Mahi Watergate Resort and be the couple for everyone to look forward to. With so many choices of location to choose from, comes a lot of confusion; but don't worry! We've got you covered as here are 5 amazing reasons why you should consider us!

1: Our Lavish Russian Pinewood Cottages

Image courtesy: tj_darbar

As the name suggests, Russian Pinewood Cottage is a perfect location for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The attractive backgrounds blended with the poolside view and river view will ensure you get a proper filmy photoshoot.

2: Our Adventure Zone

Image courtesy: priyajain2411

Looking for a taste of adventure in your pre-wedding photoshoot? This zone consists of sky walk, wooden planks, tyre wall, and many other adventurous activities alongside in-leg games like human chess, human ludo. Why not try our adventure area to show your relation’s adventurous side!

3: Our Lawn Area

Image courtesy: vyas4751

Our lawn area consists of 50,000 sqft of lush greenery giving your photos a natural and airy look. Opt for a morning photoshoot to give your photos a breezy and dewy look.

4: Our Selfie Point

Image courtesy: payalkothari2310

Thinking of getting those scenic Sunkissed photos? Click photos at our Selfie Point and experience it in reality. This secluded area gives your photos a perfect view of the Mahi River with a feel of sunbathing.

5: Our Pool Side and River View Area

Image courtesy: dr._mrunali_official

Image courtesy: monakki09

Our resort has a splendid view of the Mahi River. Whether you want to make a few romantic scenes by the pool area or by the river view area you will be able to sneak in on the weekend of your escape and shooting.

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